Sweet, sweet holo

Hmm, I already knew I'm a little procrastinator but nevertheless I hoped this part of me wouldn't rear it's ugly head this soon with this blog. It's been what, three weeks since my last post? Shame on me right. And to think I already had this pictures laying around for a while, waiting to be posted. 

At the moment I'm trying to let my nails grow for a bit since they'd suffered quite bad from peeling and tearing. Apparently I can't wear nail polish for longer than a few days before the polish starts to peel. I have this bad habit of pulling at these peels and thus damaging my nails in the process. Now that they've restored a bit I suppose I'll either have to continue searching for the 'perfect' base and topcoat combo that'll prevent the peeling from happening, or I either take of the polish after a day or two. If anyone has tips for the base and topcoats, I'd love to hear them en try it out!

So now let's move on to the shown mani. I started of with China Glaze Something Sweet and layered that with one or two coats of China Glaze Visit Me In Prism. The first one belongs to the Up & Away collection from Spring 2010. It consists of 12 lacquers in both brights and pastels. Something Sweet obviously is one of the pastels. Visit Me In Prism is unfortunately discontinued now. It's part of the Kaleidoscope collection that launched in 2006. 

Visit Me In Prism itself actually is a silvery lilac color with the typical scattered holographic effect that is featured in all the Kaleidoscopes. Application is really great, it dries fast and very smooth. Even though all the Kaleidoscopes look great on their own, I also like to layer them. The lilac in Visit Me In Prism goes really well with the light pink color from Something Sweet that supposedly has a lilac undertone itself too. Together they make for a nice and girly holo. I used two coats for Something Sweet. If I'd worn it without the holo I'd probably went with three coats to even everything out nicely. Nevertheless I thought the application wasn't bad at all, definitely not if compared to what I expected from a pastel. 

Thanks for looking!


misscarley said...

I loooooooove holos and this is an Awesome combination! The Kaleidoscope collection is one of my favorite nail collections ever :D

Jenna said...

that looks so good :)

vivaglam1008 said...

I love that colour! to die for!

I followed!



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