Orly Nail Rescue

About a week after I ordered this Nail Rescue kit from Orly it arrived on my doorstep. Being really excited and curious about this product, I immediately took it upstairs to try it on my cracked nails. But since I had mended my last tears with silk wraps those had to come of first. One didn't budge after soaking it with acetone remover and even though I filed the wrap down instead, the tear still wouldn't show up. Well fine, I had another silk wrap on it's neighboring nail anyway. This one did come off with the acetone remover, but didn't leave my nail to be a pretty sight. But at least I could start Brushing, Dipping and Smoothing!

As you can see on the picture above the nail rescue kit contains a small bottle of nail glue (0.18 oz or 5 g as stated on the bottle), a small container with the nail repair powder (0.15 oz or 4.25 g), an instructions manual and a little pink buffer that you probably don't want to use. 

I don't really have a clue what they are, but I'm listing the ingredients anyway in case someone's interested.
Orly brush-on nail glue: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate.
Nail repair powder: Polyethylmethacrylate, Octylacrylamide, Acrylates, Butylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer, Silica.
Just guessing, but since I'm seeing a lot of 'acrylate' over there, this might be something like acrylic nails? I should look further into that. Someday. Maybe.

The instructions say that you should 1. Brush the nail glue on the tear. Make sure the tear is covered, perhaps you could to lift the tear a bit so you can get some nail glue in between too. Then you quickly 2. Dip your nail into the powder. It's easier to already have the lid and little plastic cover underneath the lid already removed before applying the glue so you can dunk your nail in the powder straight away. Only the part of your nail with the glue on it has to be covered though, so you don't have to dig your finger in till it reaches the bottom. You can take your nail out almost right away and brush of the excess powder. With the powder in the glue it will actually dry pretty fast. When it's completely dry you can  3. Smooth the covered part of your nail. I used a 4-way buffer I already had instead of the included buffer since that one is very small and not easy to work with. You only have to smooth out the part with the glue and powder, so try to spare the rest of your nail. I was able to buff it down till it was really flat and smooth without re-opening the tear. 

The manual says that you can repeat steps 1 - 3 for extra strength but you have to be sure that the nail is completely dry and there is no loose powder left before doing so. To remove it, it says that you can use Orly Artificial Nail Remover or just soak it in acetone until it's dissolved. 

The tear I repaired, if you can spot it.

My nail and the tear after dipping it in the powder.

I forgot to take a picture after buffing my nail! I had already painted my nails with FYI from my previous post. So you'll have to trust me when I say that it's almost invisible. It only left my nail with a spot that's a tad bit whiter, but that's barely visible and it's really smooth. I don't even feel a small bump on my nail.

Before I used silk wraps. Maybe I did something wrong with those, but I definitely prefer the Orly Nail Rescue! I don't know yet how it leaves my nails when it comes off, if it'll come off. But the silk wraps used to peel off after a while, sometimes a few days, sometimes over a week, and leave my nail to look rather battered. With silk wraps I could always feel a bump and they're much easier to spot than the rescue powder. My boyfriend once asked me what that on my nails was when I wasn't wearing any polish, whilst staring at the silk wrap. This sounds worse than it was though, it was just that the wrap made an off-white bump on my nail and also made it that my nail wouldn't 'curl' as far as the others. If you know what I mean.
It usually took me several tries to get the silk wrap on it's place unlike this method. You also have to cut the wrap to fit on your tear and the glue takes longer to dry. But maybe I was using the wrong nail glue for the wraps and this usually isn't an issue for others. The nail rescue method is just so easy though!

I got this kit online for $7.50 which I think is a reasonable price. The powder will probably last for ages since you don't use a lot and nail glue is widely available. I don't think you can get this particular Orly nail glue separately though, but other nail glues will probably work fine too.

I definitely recommend this method and personally prefer it over silk wraps. What do you think?


April said...

Thanks for this review! I didn't even know this product existed. My nails don't tear very often but I will have to purchase this for those occasional tears soon!

Loeder said...

oh wow die nail repair dat lijkt me wel wat, daar ga ik ook eens naar opzoek..

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about getting this product but what I wanted to ask since I can't find the answer online is whether the powder is like normal acrylic powder? Great review

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