Nude Nails with a Twist

If you'd take a peek at my nail polish stash you'll mostly find some bright, bold or not-very-ordinary shades. Nevertheless I like the naked nails thing that's going on. I've tried it before. Once. I used a H&M color called Pink Mist, but it was quite sheer and I gave up after several layers that I didn't even count. Sure I could have had another go at it and layered this neutral color over a white creme but I was already slapping something bright on my nails.

Above is not that previously mentioned H&M polish.

I recently received some packages with nail polishes. You'd might want to take that 'some' as an understatement though. Anyhow among them were several China Glaze polishes from the OMG collection (I only need OMG itself now and it's complete) including FYI. 
Isn't that a holographic polish, nothing like that bland picture above? Yes it is, that's why I included some holographic goodness after the jump. Unfortunately they're all taken with flash since the sun was hiding at that moment, like it was all day that day. You can still see what I meant with the 'twist' from the title. Although you probably could've guessed that by now, unless you're completely unfamiliar with the China Glaze OMG collection. In which case you should Google it right now and not hold me liable for any unforeseen purchases.

Thanks for reading!
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