Essence Colour & Go stash swatches part 2

Ugh Monday, how I despise thee. Even now when it's vacation, but that's probably because I'll have to leave for work in an hour. 

Aaaaanyhow, on to the second part of the swatches from my essence colour & go stash! Part 1 can be viewed here

Shown in the picture above are the following polishes, in that order: What Do You Think?, Sweet As Candy, Plum Perfect, Shining Star, You're The One, White Secret and Underwater

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The bottles are quite small and contain 5 ml (0.16 fl oz). They cost €1,25 in Europe or $0.99 if you get these in the United States. The brush is normal sized and flat, but not as wide as OPI's brush. I usually don't have application problems with these polishes. The older bottles claim that you'll only need 1 second per nail, assuming this refers to the drying time, but it'l need longer. It does dry pretty quick though, just not that fast. I just noticed that on the newer bottles, it no longer says that it's '1 second per nail' but that it's a 'quick drying nail polish' which suits the drying time better.
I'm not wearing a base or topcoat in these swatches.

What Do You Think? rather thin creme that needed three coats to even out. I find this peachy color not too pink or too orange, it's a nice blend. This one is said to look a lot like Chanel Orange Fizz and is way cheaper.

Sweet As Candy is a milky light pink that's thin and sheer. I also placed a close-up to show the visible nail line better. This is three coats.This polish is probably nice for a french manicure or just to have some clean looking nails with a nice shine. 

Not sure what to say about Plum Perfect, other than that it's two coats in the picture. Not sure if I like this one. 

Shining Star is a quite sheer shimmer that is nowhere near as dark as the bottle in the first picture of this post suggests. It has a foil like finish and needed three coats but with visible brush strokes. This one would be nice for a nude nails look.

You're The One is a dusty rose pink. This creme went on in 2 coats.

White Secret is a very sheer white. You're looking at a whopping 4 coats. Then again, it's a shiny white that doesn't have that tip-ex look to it which is a nice thing. It's not very great to use as a white base for another polish, since that would mean you'd end up with a lot of coats on your nails.

Underwater is a nice vibrant blue that has a frost like finish. This means that it has very visible brush strokes and it's shimmery. With this color I don't really mind though, it kind of reminds me of little waves and ripples in the water. That's probably just me though. I used three coats for this one. 

On their website essence states that they do not test on animals. Next to the low price and several nice colors I think this is another big plus!
Here's a quote from their site about this. 
we do not test any of our cosmetics on animals or ask anyone else to test for us. this applies to the final products as well as any of the ingredients in them.
because essence is strictly against any kind of animal testing whatsoever. we think it is absolutely awful to torture animals for the sake of beauty products.
by the way: animal testing for decorative cosmetics has been banned in germany since the autumn of 1998. germany leads the way in europe with this amazing legislation!

So what do you think about these polishes? 


Pretty said...

i really like "what do you think.." out of all the many many corals i have.. I don't think i have one that shade.. lol

Miss--Moana said...

Dat eerste kleurtje is mooi!

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