Essence Colour & Go stash swatches part 1

Two days ago I got some essence colour & go polishes that were on sale, of which four are pictured above, and decided to swatch all my colour & go polishes and show them on this blog.
I need to find a better location to photograph over here though, cause after uploading and going through the pictures they weren't as good as I liked. It was a little late in the evening so the lightning was rather poor and my skintone sometimes looks weird even though the polish color is accurate. I shot the polishes above in one of the few clutter free places in my room, what happened to be in front of a red drawer in my bookcase. Not the best place either. Anyhow, I'll try to improve my photographing skills from now on and think about the mentioned things before uploading.

Over with the babbling and on to the actual swatches after the jump.

In this first part are the swatches from the polishes in the first picture. They're called Pool Party, Ready For Action, Sundancer, Ultimate Pink, Check Me Out, Get The Fever and Break Through from left to right.

The bottles are quite small and contain 5 ml (0.16 fl oz). They cost €1,25 in Europe or $0.99 if you get these in the United States. The brush is normal sized and flat, but not as wide as OPI's brush. I usually don't have application problems with these polishes. The older bottles claim that you'll only need 1 second per nail, assuming this refers to the drying time, but it'l need longer. It does dry pretty quick though, just not that fast. I just noticed that on the newer bottles, it no longer says that it's '1 second per nail' but that it's a 'quick drying nail polish' which suits the drying time better.
I'm not wearing a base or topcoat in these swatches.

Pool Party is a sky blue polish with silvery white microglitter. The glitter isn't very obvious but definitely noticeable and even more so when the sun hits it. I'm wearing three coats in this picture, and as you can see my nail line is still visible. Even though it's quite sheer I like this color a lot. 

Ready For Action is a somewhat jelly-like red. Although you're looking at three coats you might get away with two so it's not as sheer as a jelly but it is as shiny. It's a bit on the thin side but still very manageable

Sundancer is a warm yellow and really is a sunny color. I almost got away with two coats but did a third one since there was some visible nail line on my middle finger. For a yellow polish, the application and opaqueness is pretty good and I'll definitely be wearing this more often. 

Ultimate Pink is a very opaque pink. I did two coats but one coat almost did the trick.


Check Me Out is a nice grassy green. It's a bit pale in the picture, but gets rather bright in sunlight. It's quite sheer. You're looking at three coats but it could really do with a fourth. 

Get The Fever is a bright orange. Maybe it's just me being Dutch right now, but I like to think the name refers to the all orange feverish mode Dutch people go in when it's either queens-day or the national football team is playing a match. This color looks a lot like that orange. Anyhow, this is a three coater since it was somewhat streaky after two. I like orange nail polish even though my hands look rather dead in this picture.

Break Through is a purple that looks like a creme but has a very subtle shimmer which only comes out in direct sunlight. It's a bit warmer than in the picture since it has some red in it's base. I was surprised at how sheer it was after the first coat. I applied three coats since it was still streaky after two.

Click here for part two.

On their website essence states that they do not test on animals. Next to the low price and several nice colors I think this is another big plus!
Here's a quote from their site about this. 

we do not test any of our cosmetics on animals or ask anyone else to test for us. this applies to the final products as well as any of the ingredients in them.
because essence is strictly against any kind of animal testing whatsoever. we think it is absolutely awful to torture animals for the sake of beauty products.
by the way: animal testing for decorative cosmetics has been banned in germany since the autumn of 1998. germany leads the way in europe with this amazing legislation!

So what do you think about these polishes? 

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