Nail art frustrations

This was an attempt at some freehand leopard spots. As you can see it's rather messy. Anyhow, the base is Color Club Poptastic, which is way more neon than in the picture, and the spots are China Glaze Something Sweet and essence Ultimate Pink. Well I think it was Ultimate Pink. And you see some tipwear because Poptastic had already been on my nails for a few days before I tried to pimp it with some leopard spots. 
But as soon as I wanted to add the black lining of the spots with the black essence nail art pen it got trickier. It just so happened to be that the tip was apparently dried out. After pumping the pen up and down several times (normally this would result in some liquid in the tip and the pen would be ready to use) all I achieved was a big blob of the liquid that emerged from the sides of the tip somewhere above the point. This big blog ended up on a piece of paper so I figured I'd just dip the tip in this blob and use it this way.

As you can see this idea didn't really go down so well. At first I didn't even do such a bad job on my thumb, as seen below.

Before going with the dipping-the-tip-in-the-blob method I had tried and failed to clean the tip with some non-acetone remover. I guess that what I should've done was take that long and tiring walk down the stairs to the sink and rinse the tip with some (warm) water, since the liquid inside the pen is water soluble. But since I was to lazy I think I've completely messed up my pen with further attempts of cleaning the tip out with various sharp instruments. 

Anyway, I bought a new one and I hope that rinsing the tip after use will solve the problem and will stop the tip from drying out. This is also my tip to anyone who'll be using these essence nail art pens. 
And if you have any tips, go ahead and share them!   


Essence Colour & Go stash swatches part 2

Ugh Monday, how I despise thee. Even now when it's vacation, but that's probably because I'll have to leave for work in an hour. 

Aaaaanyhow, on to the second part of the swatches from my essence colour & go stash! Part 1 can be viewed here

Shown in the picture above are the following polishes, in that order: What Do You Think?, Sweet As Candy, Plum Perfect, Shining Star, You're The One, White Secret and Underwater

Read on after the jump.


Essence Colour & Go stash swatches part 1

Two days ago I got some essence colour & go polishes that were on sale, of which four are pictured above, and decided to swatch all my colour & go polishes and show them on this blog.
I need to find a better location to photograph over here though, cause after uploading and going through the pictures they weren't as good as I liked. It was a little late in the evening so the lightning was rather poor and my skintone sometimes looks weird even though the polish color is accurate. I shot the polishes above in one of the few clutter free places in my room, what happened to be in front of a red drawer in my bookcase. Not the best place either. Anyhow, I'll try to improve my photographing skills from now on and think about the mentioned things before uploading.

Over with the babbling and on to the actual swatches after the jump.


NOTD OPI Funky Dunkey with Nfu Oh 39

Now this really are my nails today although this will probably show up as august the 5th since it's past midnight now. But I'll probably wear this all day tomorrow (or should I say today) since it's so pretty! I even took the shots whilst holding the Nfu Oh cause the green flakies show up really good in the bottle. And the bottle itself is really gorgeous also. I think the blue and green flakies look great over the dark purple from Funky Dunkey.

Imagine this even prettier in real life. And even the back of the bottle looks good with the little corset lace going on.


NOTD white and pink nail art

Oh I'm kinda cheating now, since this is more of a Nails Of The Day Before, but you don't mind right?

I have some essence nail art pens lying around, so I decided to use them for a change. I started with some layers of essence teamspirit. It's a white creme from the Let's Go Girls collection and is the best white creme I have at the moment. It does needs several layers and now that I'm halfway through the (really small) bottle it could do with some thinner. But with the fast drying topcoat from Poshe that arrived last week I could at least start drawing on the white polish very soon with the essence nail art pen Spacey Pink.
I quite liked my nails with just the white polish, might do a mani with them someday.

The essence nail art pen is really easy to work with, I did everything you see above with it. It's also very opaque but a lot lighter than the color of the pen itself suggests as you can see below.
It's advisable to apply a topcoat over the base color so that if you make a mistake, you can easily remove the nail art pen with some remover without having to re-polish your entire nail. And if your done, apply another layer of topcoat over the entire design since the nail art pen scratches of quite easily when it's dry.


Orly Nail Rescue

About a week after I ordered this Nail Rescue kit from Orly it arrived on my doorstep. Being really excited and curious about this product, I immediately took it upstairs to try it on my cracked nails. But since I had mended my last tears with silk wraps those had to come of first. One didn't budge after soaking it with acetone remover and even though I filed the wrap down instead, the tear still wouldn't show up. Well fine, I had another silk wrap on it's neighboring nail anyway. This one did come off with the acetone remover, but didn't leave my nail to be a pretty sight. But at least I could start Brushing, Dipping and Smoothing!

Nude Nails with a Twist

If you'd take a peek at my nail polish stash you'll mostly find some bright, bold or not-very-ordinary shades. Nevertheless I like the naked nails thing that's going on. I've tried it before. Once. I used a H&M color called Pink Mist, but it was quite sheer and I gave up after several layers that I didn't even count. Sure I could have had another go at it and layered this neutral color over a white creme but I was already slapping something bright on my nails.

Above is not that previously mentioned H&M polish.

I recently received some packages with nail polishes. You'd might want to take that 'some' as an understatement though. Anyhow among them were several China Glaze polishes from the OMG collection (I only need OMG itself now and it's complete) including FYI. 
Isn't that a holographic polish, nothing like that bland picture above? Yes it is, that's why I included some holographic goodness after the jump. Unfortunately they're all taken with flash since the sun was hiding at that moment, like it was all day that day. You can still see what I meant with the 'twist' from the title. Although you probably could've guessed that by now, unless you're completely unfamiliar with the China Glaze OMG collection. In which case you should Google it right now and not hold me liable for any unforeseen purchases.

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