Nail Art: Owl +Tutorial

Today I did some nail art in the form of a little owl. The picture above isn't very neat but I think the owl turned out pretty cute. Just in case anyone else wanted to make one just like him, I photographed all the steps. Unfortunately my camera decided that his batteries were empty when I wanted to photograph the first step (the battery indicator only shows up when you have about 5 seconds of battery life left, very convenient huh), so I used my mobile phone for the step by step pictures.

Update: also check out these newer owl nail art pictures.
The polishes I used are: Catrice London's Weather Forecast for the body and dots on the belly, Catrice Pebble Beach for the belly, H&M Being on the A-list for the eyes, Hema neon orange for the beak and the feet (can't really call those claws) and Essence Fatal for the pupils.

1. Paint the body like doing a slightly squared half moon mani, so it looks like the owl has ears. I didn't use a color underneath this, but that's also an option of course. I did the ears first, it can get a bit messy that way but you can always clean up later.
2. Dot on the eyes, using a dotting tool would probably work best, but since I don't have any yet I just used the polish brush. You could also use the back of a wooden skewer or perhaps a paintbrush.
3. With the pointy end of a rosewood stick I added the black pupils. As you can see the eyes aren't very symmetrical, but oh well that just adds to the cute-factor. Right?
4. With a color lighter than the body color, in this case light grey, I added the belly. 
5. Here I used the pointy end of a rosewood stick again, this time to add a little orange beak. You'd want to make it small and somewhat pointy, slightly edging over the belly.
6. Using the color of the body I added some speckles on the belly because I for some reason think owls have speckled bellies. I used the rosewood stick again. 
7. Finally I added some small feet on the bottom of the belly with the pointy end of a rosewood stick. I made these by placing two small dots that overlap each other.

When everything is dry you can add a topcoat to seal things in. It doesn't have to be completely dry, but don't rush to much or you'll might smudge the different colors. It's also advisable to allow some dry time after the first, second and fourth step since you're layering over the previous step in those cases, although you could wait with the pupils till the end.

I also made some color variations of this little grey fellow. They're shown all together underneath. Yeah my nails are quite uneven in length, but I just couldn't cut/file them all down when some teared. They'll be even eventually. Or at least I hope so.

First you have the grey owl I used for the tutorial. Next to him are a neon pink owl, a metallic owl with holographic eyes (kinda looks like a robot) and a purple pastel owl.

Here is the neon pink owl in close-up. It is a lot more bright and neon in real life, but neons are just hard to capture on camera. Anyhow, I used the China Glaze Poolside collection for this one. The body is done with Pool Party as are the dots on the belly, the belly with Flip Flop Fantasy, the eyes are Kiwi Cool-Ada with black pupils and the beak and feet are made with Sun Worshiper.
I used a white creme as a owl shaped base so that the body would be opaque in less layers than without. 

To the right is the robot-like owl. I used China Glaze Millennium for the body and speckles on the belly, a white creme for the belly, China Glaze DV8 for the pupils and QT for the beak and feet. This owl can be done really quick, since the metallic and holographic colors dry really fast. The holo eyes are pretty cool looking because if you use polishes from the Kaleidoscope collection the holographic effect is also very noticeable under artificial lighting. 

And last but not least, a owl in pastel colors. I really like this one. I'll be reciting the colors I used again, am I boring you already? Anyway, the body is done with OPI Rumple's Wiggin', the belly is consists of H&M I'm a Saint, the dots on the belly are done with Barry M Berry Ice Cream, the eyes are China Glaze Lemon Fizz with a black dot and the beak and feet are made with Models Own Fuzzy Peach.

So what do you think of these, do you too like how they turned out? What color combinations would you use? 


Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) said...

Tof! Dit ga ik binnenkort eens op het dochtertje van een vriendin proberen. Die is gék op dit soort dingen.

Linnie said...

Ik hou van uiltjes :D

Pretty said...

this so freaking cute.thanks for the tutorial..
you know I would wear that neon pink owl.. all over the place

The owl and KittyKat said...

so sweet! i am gonna try it! :D because i love owls so much! thanks for this gorgeous tutorial! visit our blog pleease xx love the owl and the kitty kat

Sarah said...

Hey! I just tried out this tutorial for a themed challenge day, and credited you of course!


Thanks for the great tutorial!

nails dryer said...

Cute!I really love this style.

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